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Apr. 23rd, 2011 07:29 am
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Happy early Easter!

My Blueberry is doing really well and I'm so grateful to have a working computer and yay. I've been putting it through hell lately, watching and downloading tons of stuff just because I can, and it's held up fabulously well. I did manage to get a virus less than a week after we bought it, but I kicked its ass and now everything's gravy.

Oh! I forgot last time, but my friends and I started a tumblr for nerd-themed cocktails. We just started officially last week, but I think it's going to be lots of fun. The first drink is Star Trek related. Please to be taking a look if you're interested?

More meme time.

- Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

[livejournal.com profile] niamy_tak asked...

1. What is your biggest fear?
But I guess, one of the biggest would be something happening to my brother. Our family's been going through a number of things recently, and the past year or so has really helped me to realize how much I love my brother. He's in a difficult spot, and the possibilities weigh on my mind a lot. I just want him to be happy and healthy.

2. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Dog. I love animals in general, and I've got no beef with cats, but I have always been a dog person. Whenever I see a dog anywhere, I say "puuuppppyyyyyy" in a really stupid voice and start cooing over it like a slow child and then my friends make fun of me. I honestly can't help it.

3. What was your first real fandom?
Hetalia! If by real you mean active participation and establishing friendships and whatnot. I'd always ducked in and out of things but Hetalia was the first one I stuck around for.
Deep dark secret: the first thing I ever wrote fanfiction for was a show called The Young Ones.
Yep, it was Young Ones slash.
...and the show that introduced me to the concept of slash was Red Dwarf. I'm beginning to sense a pattern here.

4. Do you have a favorite Simpsons episode?
Now that is a hard one! Especially cause there's a bajillion to think back on.
For the sake of sanity, I'll just say Marge vs. the Monorail. I mean, it's a classic, it's a musical, it's "based on" a musical that's close to my heart, it guest stars Leonard Nimoy, and it was written by one of my comedy heroes, Conan fucking O'Brien.

5. What was the last film you saw?
Source Code. It came out a couple of weeks ago. Dunno if it was released in England yet, but it's about a guy who wakes up on a train, in someone else's body. He wanders around all confused and then the train explodes and he wakes up somewhere else. Turns out he's in a special military program centered around a scientific breakthrough that lets him live through the last few minutes of a dead man's memories. He's supposed to be going through the guy's memories and trying to find clues to help him figure out who planted the bomb that blew up the train, cause the bomber's planning a second, much more destructive attack in the heart of Chicago. The only problem is that he doesn't have any memory of how he ended up in this program to begin with, so he's frantically looking for clues but he's also like WHAT'S GOING ON and it's all cah-raaazy.

It's actually pretty good. There are a few parts where the continuity is like "whut", but overall it's really enjoyable if you're into high-concept sci-fi.

Oh, and it was directed by Duncan Jones!
Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is a fox.
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