Aug. 4th, 2012 08:08 pm
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I haven't been checking LJ the last few weeks cause I've been really busy, but I'm here now! I started making jewelry earlier this year and I just had my first event/show/thing at a mini benefit concert! I didn't sell anything there, but at least I got a display together. I'll probably be putting the pieces on my etsy over the next few days.

Le poop

May. 4th, 2010 07:04 pm
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Uggghhh I'm so tired it feels like my eyeballs are gonna fall out. Also Reggie is being gross and he smells like pee.
Also CONAN TOMORROW omgomgomgomg

I have done an art!
I just got back my favorite art assignment of the semester so far. It's more or less the only one I've liked, haha.
Click to observe an art )

Happy early Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully my professor will let me drink margaritas in class.


Aug. 29th, 2009 09:17 pm
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Lots of stuff has been happening!
School started on Monday, I cut my hair, I re-watched the entirety of Buffy, had a week of adventures and I'm getting my tattoo tomorrow.
I also found out that there are life drawing sessions run by the animation club at my school, so I went last week and it was awesome. Three dollars to draw naked people for three hours is a fabulous deal, and all the people there are so talented and have such varied styles. I'm hoping to go at least once a week.

I must also profess my love of Daiso, the Japanese dollar store (essentially). I love things that are tiny and colorful and shiny and wacky because inside I am pretty much a child, so Daiso is like a magical wonderland of crap. Here's a picture of me and Reggie getting acquainted with my favorite purchase, Twinkle McStarson.

I've also been think more and more about Nano. The idea I'm working with is something I came up with a couple of years ago, and I'm pretty excited about it. The problem is that it's less fantastical and requires a lot more research, and it's also the first story that doesn't take place in the Funnily Enough setting (though I'm not dropping that universe any time soon). It's more unfamiliar than anything I've done before, but I figure that if I could get through a story as difficult and convoluted as last year's, I can definitely do this.

Oh gosh, I'm starting to get nervous about tomorrow. I hope it turns out well!
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Here's what's going down lately: I have a problem with my feet so I can't get an actual job until that is sorted out. So instead, I'm trying really hard to get into this life drawing class so I can keep busy, be off my feet and expaaand my creative horizons, or something. Hoping that comes through.

I think I forgot to mention this before, but The Boat That Rocked is an awesome movie, and everyone should see it when it comes out in America. It didn't get the best reviews because it doesn't really have, like, a STORY, per se. It's basically just a couple of hours about the antics of a bunch of people on a boat who play awesome music from the 60's on a pirate radio show, but those people also happen to be made up of Nick Frost, Bill Nighy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans, Chris O'Dowd, Rhys Darby AND MANY MORE. I found it really charming and genuinely funny, mostly because of the characters and the overall sentiment. Anyway, awesome movie, go see it.


May. 5th, 2008 10:25 pm
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My sketchbook is filled with half-finished sketches and drawings. Every time I sit down to finish something, I get distracted and forget. I'll have to kick the creative part of my brain back on track this week.

*kick kick slapkick*
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I actually did one of those art memes that've been floating around DA recently. I was going to avoid it cause I'm a hack, but I did one anyways cause I haven't really used my tablet in a long time.

This is how you avoid studying.
Oh god. You can tell that I pretty much stopped trying IMMEDIATELY. And it got reeeally retarded towards the end.
And I think the "high school photo" is pretty much the best picture I've ever draw in my life.

Warning: biiig file.
I was gonna filter this entry, but F' THAT SHEEZY.
It's true but I also think you're an ass )


Jun. 29th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Took Reggie to the vet today for his first check-up/general looking-over. He's a very healthy young bunnay!

I guess it's been longer than I thought since I posted any artz.
So, for the 1.5 people who enjoy my drawing crap, here's the most recent.


As always, it's supergay. But this time it features more recently developed characters who haven't appeared in my stories yet.
Frenchman Lucien, and a German named Deidrich; Spectricks who lived about seven centuries ago. They start off as playful rivals who meet in a French tavern, and their relationship quickly escalates.

Short explanation: in this crazy Spectrick universe, people automatically interpret what other people say, regardless of what language they're speaking. They can understand any language spoken at them, but they can't speak it themselves unless they learn it manually. < idea totally swiped from pays homage to Douglas Adams >

Linguistics )
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Am I only going to draw on holidays from now on? Feels like it.
I am a complete idiot for doing this goddamn picture instead of working on my latest 2-D art project, which involves mostly stippling (i.e. the most tedious fucking thing IN THE WORLD) and is due on wednesday. Ah, fffffwhatever.

I definitely don't draw mah girlz enough.


Every holiday is gay )


Feb. 14th, 2007 07:25 pm
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It is a day for times. Indeed.

I made a picture 'specially for today. It's pretty damn gay, even by my standards.

YAY love )

Now although I love Valentine's Day, I understand the anti-valentine sentiment, and this song always makes me happy.
Down With Love - Michael Bublé & Holly Palmer

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Ohhh things
I just wanna picture picture have show yes

I <3 my markers.

Example )

I've colored a few other pictures, but I always forget to organize things and things.
I got a website. Spectrastic.com. It's pretty simple right now. Go, join the oekaki board! I will give you love!
Oh gosh, sleep now.
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Oh my. Good times. If anyone has ideas for more outfits or accessories, I'd appreciate suggestions! No guarantee that I'll have the energy/ability to do them soon...heh.
I've been working on other things too, but I am not ready to post about them yet.
So many things to do before school starts...so many...
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I just scanned a bunch of sketches, and if I can avoid doing real work I'll be coloring one in the next few days.
I went mini-golfing today, and magic happened. I think I may have special powers......???? Special GOLF powers. Best kind.

For the 1.5 people interested in the book, I introduce to you: Wally )
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Merry day to my bitches.
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Waaaakkkkaa woo waakkaaaaa wheeee.
Finally, something I don't have to filter!
That don't make no sense, boy )
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I have been SO busy not-studying for finals. So busy.

Here's one of things I've been working on while not-studying:

Drawing ahoy! )


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