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Last night went smoothly, and it was really great.
First he read the chapter, which you can see here. It was so cool to hear it in person, and it's one of the most interesting chapters to visualize, which made it even better.
After that, we got to see a few clips from the Coraline movie, and that was bitchin'.

Then Neil answered some questions that people had written down and handed in while waiting in line. And...he answered my question! Oh my goodness, I was so excited. I don't fangirl as much as I used to, but OMG he read the words that I wrote down! WITH HIS OWN FACE!!! Excellent.

Anyways, it was thrilling and I always love hearing Neil talk and ramble on with his anecdotes, and I can't wait until the next time.

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A few things, because it's late and I'm up.

- Holy shit, I'm getting so pumped for Watchmen, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. The ONLY thing I'm really upset about regarding England is that I won't be with my friends for the midnight showing. We're having our first Bath meeting in a few weeks, so I've gotta try to scope out the nerds and convince them to go see Watchmen with me. *desperate*

- It started raining tonight!! First rain! THE NIGHT BEFORE NEIL!! Oh wow.
- I'm almost finished with the Graveyard Book. He's reading chapter 5 (Danse Macabre) for us tomorrow, and it's a really awesome chapter but also one of the shortest. I hope he remedies this by telling us countless anecdotes. The weird thing is that the last time I saw him in person, he said he was in the middle of writing that chapter.

- That politicians seem to have an incredibly hard time pronouncing "nuclear" correctly is...very disconcerting. Like, if a brain surgeon says "imma gunna break inta yur brain box" with a knife in their hand.

- I love glitter.

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Oct. 1st, 2008 12:51 am
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I picked up The Graveyard Book after school and managed to make a dent in it between studying (it's a big exam/paper week for me, ick). I already quite like Nobody and Silas. There's an obvious difference in Neil's writing style when he's writing for a younger audience, yet in the first few chapters I came across words that are beyond my vocabulary.
Oh Neil.
I can't wait until I have kids so I can introduce them to awesome things like this.

Speaking of Neil Gaiman, he's doing a reading in the Bay Area this weekend and I am so on that! I'm still bitter about missing him last time he came to SJSU. I just hope this goes smoothly and we get in and have good times yaaay.
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Finished Hairy Plopper last night at holycrap o' clock.
I liked it.
As before, a few points:

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