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First of all, thanks to everyone who sent cards! I knew I wouldn't have time to do it myself this year, but I do so appreciate getting them.
Second, nnnnnnnnnnrggggggggghhh. The only thing I don't like about lazing about on break is that my internal clock is so off it's not even funny. Por ejemplo, it is 10 in the morning and I'm about to go to sleep. Hurrrr.
Third, oh god I miss England so much. And traveling. I want to do it always and forever.
Ennglaaand come back baby, I just wanna hold you.
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See all y'all on the other side of the world!
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If you stare at this long enough, it goes from being ridiculous to amazing, and then back to ridiculous.

I'm going back home in less than two weeks. I could say so much on that, but I'll refrain for now. There are definitely things I'll miss, and things I'm looking forward to.

Tomorrow we're going on a trip to Stratford for the Shakespeare festival. It promises to be an extremely nerdy and epic adventure. I get to be in the big parade on Saturday too! I'm pretty sure I never thought I would be in a parade any time soon.
:D x ∞
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Snow!!! I wish it was still here.
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Official tour of Bath. This was a few weeks ago, but I've been really busy. The next video will hopefully be up soon too.

Off I go

Feb. 12th, 2009 01:37 am
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Ugh, I gotta sleep but I haven't finished packing!
I have a few videos that I still need to put together, but I'm going to be in London until Sunday, so I definitely won't be putting them up until next week.
I'll be offline while in London, but I might be twittering some updates on what happening via text. Y'all can check it out at my Twitter if you want.

Have a lovey-dovey weekend guys.
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Today has been absolutely amazing. It's a crazy life.

Here's a bunch of Bath pictures, including the snow ones.
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Sorry for all the shaking, but most of the video was taken while walking. Music: I Looked All Over Town - Magnetic Fields.

Also, click here for a big picture of the river.
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From the first day, January 23rd.
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The last few weeks have been crazy! I had a falling out with my crazy grandma and went to live with my mom for a little bit, and came back home about a week ago. Everything's alright for now, but it's not the best situation ever.
Friends have been coming and going too, so it's been a fairly busy month. Erin and I are preparing for a Rocky Horror showing on Friday, and I really need a new camera before Comic-Con. Oh, what to do...

I'm sort of preparing for England in the back of my mind. I think this is why I've been watching more British television in the past couple of months than ever before.
So...I guess that means that if, while in England, I decide to work in an office or time-travel or buy a really expensive car or pretend I'm married to get a good flat or have fantastic hair or go into a coma or become an extra or wake up in a spaceship 3 million years in the future, I'll be all set.
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Imma study in England next Spring!!!


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