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Oh my. Good times. If anyone has ideas for more outfits or accessories, I'd appreciate suggestions! No guarantee that I'll have the energy/ability to do them soon...heh.
I've been working on other things too, but I am not ready to post about them yet.
So many things to do before school many...
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Christmas was more or less good times. I didn't exactly tell my grandparents what I wanted, so I got more gift cards than I have before, but that's all groovy. I got many cool things from my friends, cause they are awesome like that. The past couple of days have been spent watching the fourth season of Scrubs, goofing off and fearing the wind.
A few days ago, a couple of my friends came to my mom's house to visit. The occurrences therein consisted of: figuring out how to drive my mom's car at night in the rain, fast food adventures, realizing that the emergency brake had suddenly decided to work and then stop again, hawt pr0nz, tamales, wasting time with Super Smash Brothers, blowing eggs, crazy sleep speak, uncomfortable sleep positions which resulted in little to no actual sleep, sitting on tea, drowning in clothes, waiting for Dustin to go to his friend's house to get the keys to his own house, gay dogs who hit their head on chairs, being invaded by an army of ants, watching mah gays kill said ants, major redecorating, sleeping next to a snake, listening to music through a tiger's head, going out to dinner with other friends and making fools out of the world, and the spilling of FOUR beverages over the course of that 24 hour period (by me. Yes, I know).
I also talked to someone today (who I'd met a few times before), and found out that I may have more immediately in common with this person than anyone I've ever met, which is awesome.
Oh, and my grades don't suck too much! Yay!
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People are just...gah!!
Anyways, I'm at my mom's for most of the week, so I'll have limited internet access. I will try to hang around when I can, though. Hopefully I can really relax this week without too much least, once Christmas is over. And then I can drawdrawdraw and writewritewrite as much as I want. Joy.
If anyone wants to get ahold of me, call me on my cell.
And in case I don't get to say it in time, happy Christmas to everyone!


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