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It comes a week late, but here it is.

Every time a finish a book, I put together a soundtrack for shits and giggles. I usually give them to my friends if they ask, or just play them in the car.
A few people have asked me why I chose the songs or what people/scenes they correspond to, so I decided to post them here with an explanation for each song.

So here's a whole bunch of songs. Whether you're interested in my stories or not, check it out! There might be an artist you're interested in, or something that looks fun or weird.
The Funnily Enough Soundtracks )
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I actually did one of those art memes that've been floating around DA recently. I was going to avoid it cause I'm a hack, but I did one anyways cause I haven't really used my tablet in a long time.

This is how you avoid studying.
Oh god. You can tell that I pretty much stopped trying IMMEDIATELY. And it got reeeally retarded towards the end.
And I think the "high school photo" is pretty much the best picture I've ever draw in my life.

Warning: biiig file.
I was gonna filter this entry, but F' THAT SHEEZY.
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Jun. 29th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Took Reggie to the vet today for his first check-up/general looking-over. He's a very healthy young bunnay!

I guess it's been longer than I thought since I posted any artz.
So, for the 1.5 people who enjoy my drawing crap, here's the most recent.


As always, it's supergay. But this time it features more recently developed characters who haven't appeared in my stories yet.
Frenchman Lucien, and a German named Deidrich; Spectricks who lived about seven centuries ago. They start off as playful rivals who meet in a French tavern, and their relationship quickly escalates.

Short explanation: in this crazy Spectrick universe, people automatically interpret what other people say, regardless of what language they're speaking. They can understand any language spoken at them, but they can't speak it themselves unless they learn it manually. < idea totally swiped from pays homage to Douglas Adams >

Linguistics )
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I want to write some more short stories (even if Dani is the only one who cares - it's all gravy), but there are so many in my head that I'm not sure which to do next. And there's no guarantee that these will be written, but once in a while I do have the time/energy/motivation.

You can vote even if you don't know what the hell this is about. That's precisely why I made such *intricate* descriptions.

[Poll #966347]

If you want to haggle with me in comments, be my guest.
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YAYAYAYAY green people time YAY
Hope everyone's having a jolly, drunken St. Patrick's Day!!
I drawed a holiday picture AGAIN. This time I couldn't really help it, though, since I do have Irish characters.
And really, what says Ireland more than boys lovin' on each other.
I hope someone likes it!

Preview: Preview

Full Daaawww Gayness )


Jan. 21st, 2007 07:11 pm
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So, school starts pretty soon and I'm trying hard to finish up the book before it does.
I need some help from you all, though! Last year, when I was designing the covers for Funnily Enough, I asked some of my friends to give me quotes about my book so that I could put them on the back. None of them had actually read the book at the time, but that was the point. So they gave me random quotes:

"Spectrastic!" - Michael
"...novelmeats..." - Jean
"A provocative story of walruses, cheese nips, and delicious, delicious pants. It is a story of a man that will hold the test of time and money until the universe collapses upon itself and shows us what it's really made of. The gayness will explode your cranium, if that's your kind of thing." - Erin

And I put these on the back of the book...just for fun.
I want to do that again, but with more people!
So I'm asking, even if you never plan to look at either of my books, please make up a random quote and I'll put it on a page at the beginning or end of this next book, as long as it's not offensive or something. The title of the book is "Inexplicable", if that helps.

[Poll #911405]

I'd really appreciate any and all participation! I won't be formatting the book 'til at least thursday, so that should be plenty of time.
Thank you!
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Oh my. Good times. If anyone has ideas for more outfits or accessories, I'd appreciate suggestions! No guarantee that I'll have the energy/ability to do them soon...heh.
I've been working on other things too, but I am not ready to post about them yet.
So many things to do before school many...
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Merry day to my bitches.
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Waaaakkkkaa woo waakkaaaaa wheeee.
Finally, something I don't have to filter!
That don't make no sense, boy )
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I have been SO busy not-studying for finals. So busy.

Here's one of things I've been working on while not-studying:

Drawing ahoy! )
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Since I'm nearly done editing, and since I haven't updated in over a week, I thought I'd make a short entry dedicated to a few of my favorite secondary characters. I even drew pictures with my very limited art skillz. If you don't know/remember, this entry explains the basic premise of the story. Kinda. It was made back when I was just at the beginning of the story, so there are some inaccuracies and things that I eventually decided to change.
If you don't know AND don't care what I'm talking about, pass on by plz.

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