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Since I've been flapping my gums about it everywhere else, I should mention that today was my last day of classes! I'm not an undergrad anymore. Soon I'll have to act like an adult!

Haha, no.

Don't forget to comment here if you want a card. I should get to mailing them soon, when the work is no longer crushing and awful.
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Our model today looked like a cross between Alice Lowe

and Captain Jack Sparrow.
It was awesome.
I hope the next person looks like a cross between Richard Ayoade and Edward Scissorhands.

And you know what else is awesome? Cult classic midnight movie showings. We missed a lot of this season, but the past two weeks we've gotten to see A Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction, and that pretty much makes up for everything ever.
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On the way to my car, I saw a guy shaving another guy outside one of the school buildings with an electric razor plugged into the wall. The shavee had a barber smock and everything. It's not that strange, but I dunno. Just two guys, late-afternoon, alone. Hey, let's shave.

Also, a resounding thank you to the teacher who assigned a book that made me cry for half an hour. Granted, it was a very good book, and it's not hard to make me cry, but still.


Oct. 6th, 2010 07:41 pm
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So that midterm that I totally thought I failed? I got an A on it. What.
This week has been awesome so far. It's close to making up for the crap of last week.

I also got my contacts! I've been running around with temporaries since May, and so many things happened that I didn't have time to go back until recently. But now I have my permanent ones! They feel really good.
Does anyone out there have contacts? If so, do you have a special case for them? I kinda want a cute case, but I'm not sure where to look. I've found some online, but I'm still looking around.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 05:56 pm
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Ah, so the last week has been fairly awful. I'm not really sick anymore, but I've been coughing so hard that people on the street asked if I was choking. I had a midterm and there was SO MUCH WRITING and I'm a super-slow writer on tests and didn't finish the essay. I'm desperately hoping for a C. ;_;

Then my grandfather had a fall on Thursday. It happened before in April, when he stood up too fast and got dizzy. He's fine now, but this family has been spending way too much time in the emergency room lately.

But then the weekend was awesome! I didn't do too much, but I got to hang out with Dani and have mini-adventures and cupcakes.
And I got my first fanart!!!! Well, not so much 'got' as 'stumbled upon a sketch while browsing tumblr and subsequently confirmed that yes, it was from a story I wrote'. But holy fuck, I never thought that would happen.

I'm also having a hell of a time deciding what to work on next. Lots of drawing to do tonight. So much to do aaaaahh.
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Heeyyy so. My grandparents are out of town for the week and I have the house to myself - which would be a lot more fun if I wasn't in school, but hey. The only real difference is that the fridge is filled with jello shots, and I can shower whenever I want. Whoop. I kind of want to do an audio meme since I can be super loud and obnoxious now, but all my microphones are crap.

School is going pretty good. I have like 14 books to read this semester, but there are a couple of classes that are making me pretty happy, so I guess it evens out. I LOVE my figure drawing class so far. We just started drawing live models and I feel like my sense of anatomy and proportion has already increased exponentially. There are so many things I want to draw omg.

I have a couple of little fic ideas that I've been fleshing out, so hopefully I'll still have time to write with all this stupid reading. Then November and Nano and ohhh goddd.

Toooo hot

Aug. 23rd, 2010 05:41 pm
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The last week or so has been a crazy haze of end-of-summerness. School starts on Wednesday, and this time our last hurrah will be seeing Inception in D-BOX tomorrow. Omg.

I spent last week with my family and we went to Reno for the weekend. If you've never been to Reno, it's like Las Vegas but really tiny and somehow much, much trashier. It was filled with homeless people and it was extremely hot and windy at the same time, and half of the casinos are closed/abandoned. It was fun. It was also my first time being of age in a casino, so that was an experience. I played video poker and slots and the cocktails were awesome but the money-losing, not so much. I did enjoy hanging out in the arcade in the middle of the night (we were at a Circus Circus), and I won a thousand tickets in less than 20 minutes and walked away with a big bag of stuffed dice and crap. Who's the loser now, eh???

On a very nerdy note, my fic got a hundred favorites on! Even despite the fact that the formatting on baffles me and I've not at all mastered it.
If you went back and told my 13-year-old self that someday I would be writing stories for fun and putting them up for strangers to read, I would have scissor-kicked you right in the face.

I'm also finally getting a chance to take an actual life-drawing class. I feel kind of intimidated cause I'll be around real art students, but I just really want to learn. I may even be annoying and post some of the drawings. You have been warned.


May. 19th, 2010 02:13 pm
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Last paper turned in! I had to pull an all-nighter, though. I can feel the "no-sleep crazies" coming on, eating away at the back of my head. All I wanna do is drink banana schnapps until Monday and catch up on all the british sci-fi I've missed over the past two weeks. Or maybe steal a plane. If you see a headline about a terrible exhaustion induced hijacking and subsequent crash (for example, "Fatty with a heart of gold consumed in a fiery hellpit of her own making"), you'll know what happened to me. Also, I'm getting fitted for contacts. Whoop.


May. 16th, 2010 08:07 pm
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No, Roxie, you do not have to work on that fanart, or watch that show, or write that porn. You can focus on school for three more days.
Three days.
And you will be free.

Le poop

May. 4th, 2010 07:04 pm
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Uggghhh I'm so tired it feels like my eyeballs are gonna fall out. Also Reggie is being gross and he smells like pee.
Also CONAN TOMORROW omgomgomgomg

I have done an art!
I just got back my favorite art assignment of the semester so far. It's more or less the only one I've liked, haha.
Click to observe an art )

Happy early Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully my professor will let me drink margaritas in class.
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So. I have this lower division anthro class that I'm taking, though I don't remember why (probably just filler). I've already learned most of what we've covered, which isn't surprising since it's lower division and I've been doing this for five years now - plus the class is mostly made up of freshman, and includes a lot of non-majors. The teacher has covered a lot of information so far (it's about the stages of human life), but she keeps saying things that are...not quite true. It doesn't happen all the time, but usually there's at least one moment during each class that makes me think "hrm, that ain't right". I never say anything, since I'm just a student, and an undergrad at that, but the fact that she's teaching these questionable "facts" to non-majors really gets my goat.

Last week she said something that I am convinced is completely false. It contradicts some of the basic principles of natural selection and physical anthropology.
Then today she somehow managed to talk about the marriage and assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand without ever mentioning a connection to WWI. I....I didn't think that was possible. If this was an upper division history class there'd be no need, but since a large portion of our class gasped when she said he was assassinated, you'd think she would have at least said "oh btw, then WWI happened lol".

For the most part it's not really a big deal. Just a few ideas that some teacher might be misrepresenting. The fact that it's pissed me off so much just shows that I need to get away from school. Good thing there's only a couple of weeks left!
I swear I'll post something interesting soon. Something with shiny pictures or fluffy bunnies.
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Posting to say I'm not dead, just busy with school and being a nerd. I've been really into a particular fandom for a number of months now. I'll give you a hint: it involves anime and countries and is disgustingly popular.
I've also finally started playing Bioshock 2 and it's almost as good as the first, so that's amaaaazing.

The awards convocation is on Friday, and several family members are coming down for it. I think everyone's making way too big a deal out of it, but at the same time I know how lucky I am to have a family that cares.

I also need to start posting more arts.
Question: does anyone know of a good city to visit that's near Paris? Somewhere you could feasibly go for a day trip without staying overnight?


Dec. 17th, 2009 07:57 pm
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So school is over and goddamn, it feels good.
There're so many things I want to see and do over break and I'll probably forget to do most of them but oh well. I am ready to NERD OUT.
So many potentially epic movies coming out too.
Tom Brokaw has an amazing voice.


Aug. 29th, 2009 09:17 pm
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Lots of stuff has been happening!
School started on Monday, I cut my hair, I re-watched the entirety of Buffy, had a week of adventures and I'm getting my tattoo tomorrow.
I also found out that there are life drawing sessions run by the animation club at my school, so I went last week and it was awesome. Three dollars to draw naked people for three hours is a fabulous deal, and all the people there are so talented and have such varied styles. I'm hoping to go at least once a week.

I must also profess my love of Daiso, the Japanese dollar store (essentially). I love things that are tiny and colorful and shiny and wacky because inside I am pretty much a child, so Daiso is like a magical wonderland of crap. Here's a picture of me and Reggie getting acquainted with my favorite purchase, Twinkle McStarson.

I've also been think more and more about Nano. The idea I'm working with is something I came up with a couple of years ago, and I'm pretty excited about it. The problem is that it's less fantastical and requires a lot more research, and it's also the first story that doesn't take place in the Funnily Enough setting (though I'm not dropping that universe any time soon). It's more unfamiliar than anything I've done before, but I figure that if I could get through a story as difficult and convoluted as last year's, I can definitely do this.

Oh gosh, I'm starting to get nervous about tomorrow. I hope it turns out well!


Apr. 15th, 2009 01:23 am
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The next couple of weeks are going to be so busy and stressful. And then I'm going home.
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Imma study in England next Spring!!!

Real Late

Apr. 28th, 2008 05:15 pm
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OH MAN, I'm done.
Almost done. Two more weeks of actual school, then it's over forever until fall.

I was up until Real Late™ last night finishing a term paper, and by the time I was done, I had no idea what I'd written about. Like, seriously. Ten pages of complete crap. I think?
That's not a good feeling, but at least it's nearly over. The worst parts of the semester are behind, and the Bath stuff (interviews, acceptance) is going to start soon, so I'll know in a few weeks whether I should start planning. Holding my breath.

One month until my 21st birthday! I want a car made of ice cream! And no, those two things aren't related.
My eyes want to sleep but my body does not.

Oh Well

Mar. 7th, 2008 10:26 pm
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Ah jeeze, it's a tough semester. I can't believe spring break is already coming up!
This is going to be a crazy weekend. Erin is coming with me to the Brawl release. Yay for standing out in the cold just to get a video game a few hours early!! Young people are crazy!
I feel like watching a movie, but bleh.
Last week I went to Chinatown. My friends and I accidentally went over the bay bridge while trying to find it, hah. Here're some pictures.
I got into Torchwood a few weeks ago. It's a pretty neat show.
The AC adapter for my laptop died! I'm using the last of my power, and I'll have to go pick up a new one tomorrow. Eeep!
Good day
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Excerpt from my archaeology notes:
The feudal system! Money money money
Byzantine did lots of stuff
Dripping gold! Precious jewels! Delicious cake!
Merchants act as depositories?
Oh god why I’m so tired, my eyes hurt a lot I want to fall asleep in Buddha’s lap he’s fat, fat thighs
Looted mercenaries or something
The Renaissance happened
Religious knights – templars
Someone filled a void
Avoid the Noid!
Italian bankers were whores
Jack and the beanstalk? Doesn’t know beans about venture capitalism! Amaaaaaaazing

Ugh. So very tired.


Aug. 22nd, 2007 08:16 pm
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My brain is everywhere these days.
And not just with summer wrapping up and everything, but the steady approach of Nano as well.

For the past week or so I've been coming up with ideas for the next [continuing] story, and it's going well but is also very, very frustrating. I can't talk to anyone about my ideas because a) no one irl is gonna listen and b) more importantly, if I talk about it, I won't be as motivated to write two months from now. The person I normally have these lengthy discussions with is fffffaaaaaaaar awwaaaayyy, and the only other person I have [4 seriouz] discussions with has just started reading my stories. OOPS.
So basically I really don't want to talk about it because it's better for my brain in the long run, but it's hard not to because this point in the process is exciting and I'm a hopeless attention whore. It's like this every year, though. If I can't cope by now, I should probably just move to Hhhhacksville.

The ideas that I've been expanding on are also kinda depressing, which is...making me depressed. I've gotta start thinking up some happiness, and fast.
Oh well. School starts tomorrow, so hopefully that'll distract me enough that I can pocket my fictional universe for a while.

Yes, our semester is starting on a Thursday.
No, I don't understand it either.


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