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Part two of our Friday events. Featured: Neil Gaiman (eeehheeehehehheee), cast of American Dad including Seth McFarlane, aaaand iunno who else.

Still sick. Can't really think right now. I got things.....cooool raaaawr.
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I'm not dead. Yet.
Just busy.

No, that's a horrible lie. I just tell myself that I'm busy, but really SCHOOL'S ALMOST OVER WHEEE.

A couple of weeks ago I was super-sick and that was shite. It's all gravy now, though.

I've been spending all my time doing stupid crap and finishing homework at the last minute.
I beat KHII last week! Yay!!

I r silly )
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Everyone is sick and infected and dying and wheezing.
But I am the master of all things, so I guess that's good I guess I guess.
It's not that I get weirder when I'm sick. Oh no, the sickness merely opens a portal to my pure, unbridled psychosis.

Aaaaaaah, Advent Children. I *heart* Reno and Rude and Cid FOREVER.
There can never be enough of them.

That was insightful?
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There are psycho-demons in my mom's house that always make me sick when I stay over. And I'm going to be here a week. Shiiiiiiit.

This morning I played Bust-a-Move and Phoenix Wright back-to-back for hours. Not good for mental health.
When I finally stopped, I kept thinking that I was being timed in real life and that if I didn't collect enough evidence in time the ceiling was going to fall on top of me.

I vomited in the sink an hour ago.

Happy New Year.
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Adorableness: puppy likes to watch baseball and eat peanuts with grandpa in his room.


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