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As it turns out, I do have time! The due date for my big paper was extended.! With my annoying shouty commentary.

LOTS of pictures! )
Oh and also, I am officially graduating. By December I will have a degree. ASDfklhflasjhg.
I've been dreading it but I'm also really excited now. I probably shouldn't be, since I don't have a job and I'm terrified of getting one. In case you hadn't noticed, I am supremely shitty at the whole 'human interaction' thing and I'm probably going to die sad and alone. But at least I'll have that degree, and a rabbit who hates me.

I want to do a meme, but there are so many. I don't know what to do. D:

Oh yeah, and the Happy Potter thing is coming out, or whatever. Maybe I'll go see it tomorrow or something.
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I'm back! I feel like I've been through an epic battle, but I'm here.

I had a good time and we saw a lot of cool things, but I think I can say that France and I don't really click. I didn't love it the first time and this time wasn't hugely different. I understand the basics of the culture but I think it's just not my thing. It didn't help that the time of year meant it was surprisingly hot and the sun never went down. After a while it seemed like the universe was conspiring to make the experience constantly unpleasant. But in the end it was nice traveling with my brother, and we have a lot of new memories, so it was definitely worth it.

Best: catacombs, Paris gay pride parade and seeing Les Miserables in the heart of the city and getting front row seats for around $30 each. Awww yeah.

I enjoyed being temporarily out of the loop, but now I just want to roll around and eat American junk food and watch tv forever. We had to transfer to a domestic flight in Texas, and the people were so friendly and smiley and I was like ommmgg ilu guys. I also hadn't slept in a day and was half crazy, but whatever. Also, milk! I still can't figure out the European milk system so I was milk-deprived and I normally live on milk so that's bleh.

So I'm glad to be home, and now that I have my own computer I can finally write again. I planned out the next chapter, but my fingers are too meaty and slow for hand writing. But first I have to hug my bunny until he hates me.

Bird hands

Jun. 21st, 2010 10:24 pm
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Oh wow, so we're in France and making fools of ourselves and it's pretty great. Everyone here speaks French and carries around baguettes. I'm starting to think that there's some elicit baguette trade going on behind the scenes, but I haven't found anyone willing to go on the inside and find out.
Also, what is wrong with French people?!

So yeah, it's been pretty exciting so far. I have to keep suppressing the super-strong urge to swim across the channel, but for now I guess I'll stick around here.

I've been putting up pictures on Facebook, so check 'em out if you want to see pictures of cheese and bones.
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Leaving for France on Friday morning! Aaaahhh! After a bit of time travel my bro and I will be roaming the streets of Paris. It's a bit terrifying being the responsible adult on an international trip, but at least I got some preparation with the Ashland trip. The last time I was in Paris it was the end of our spring break adventure and we only had 2 days and I wasn't really prepared at all, so I think this one will be substantially better.

The only bleh thing is that my appointment to sign up for classes starts Friday when we're already in the air, so I'll have to work some craziness and get that sorted out.

But Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
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Got back from San Diego yesterday. It was quite a weekend.

I'll put together a compilation post like I usually do. I spent a lot less time on the main floor this year, and went to more panels than ever, which really helped save my feet from being rendered completely unusable.

Panels what I done sawed: Stargate Universe, Battlestar: The Plan/Caprica, Big Bang Theory, Stan Freberg, Mighty Boosh, True Blood, Watchmen Director's Cut screening with live commentary by Zack Synder, Doctor Who, Being Human, Torchwood and a gigantic audience participation screening of Once More With Feeling. That's not all we saw, but those were the most notable ones. Holy crap.

Even though the passes sold out last year as well as this year, it did seem bigger than ever before, like it's becoming increasingly unsustainable. I have a theory that, like a dying star, its mass will continue to get bigger and bigger until the process reverses and it collapses in on itself and becomes a black hole. If an event horizon starts to form in San Diego, don't say I didn't warn you.
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Got back yesterday. Con was magical. It is vury, vury hot here at home. My legs are still quite sore from all the crazy antics in San Diego.
We missed a few of the people we'd wanted to see, but I saw more people than I thought I would.
There were so many folks there from all over the world. It was big the last time I went (4-5 years ago), but it's gotten even bigger. Someday the San Diego Convention Center will explode. Of this I am sure.
The hotel was really nice, but certain aspects of it were a little stressful since it was so crowded. The trip went very well overall, especially considering it was the first time Erin and I had gone on a big trip without parents around.
It's too hot and I'm too tired to write up a full report, so I'll post pictures instead.

Quite a few pictures from Comic-Con )


Aug. 5th, 2005 02:37 am
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Icky school. Ickyness.
My family and Michael and I went to Monterey Bay Aquarium today and we saw jellyfish and turtles and and...and penguins.

Tomorrow we're going to see Michael Bublé in Oakland!!! AAAAaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! He's my Canadian husband. I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I'm married to three different people. One from Canada, one from Florida, and my Southern wiffles. But back to Bublé.
I don't know how much people have heard him (or heard of him), so I thought I'd put a few songs up in case any of you are interested.

I feel deeply in love with Bublé's voice a few months ago when I happened across one of his songs. And then I found out that he's also cute and really funny, awesome and Canadian. I love him. He doesn't write original music, choosing instead to cover classic crooner tunes. That said, here are three songs (one from each of the albums I have).

A fun, sexy song: Sway [3.61 MB]
A love ballad: You and I [4.50 MB]
And a different, very classic love song: My Funny Valentine (live) [6.03 MB]

I think I may do something similar to this before the Decemberists concert next month.

Sleeple timez.


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