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Sorry I haven't been around/blogging/commenting, but this week in particular has been crunch time, as spring break starts soon. Well, technically I'm starting it tomorrow, but there's supposed to be one more day of school. But oh my god I don't care anymore, I'm going to be in Barcelona tomorrow!
I will have extremely limited internet access, but I'll be posting hella pictures and everything when I get back.
Like London, I'll probably be tweeting when awesome stuff happens. Or no-so-awesome stuff.

A few things currently rocking my face off:
- Erik is supposedly coming to visit after I get back! It's gonna be sweet.
- the new Decemberists album, Hazards of Love. I've been listening to it nonstop. The story is amazing. Just when I thought I'd had enough, they pull me back into their clutches!

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I still don't have my computer back, and apparently it won't be ready until next week, just a few days before I leave. So that sucks. But Bean and Paul bought me a video camera, and hopefully I'll be able to do a video blog of some sort while I'm there.

Everything is going really fast now. I've been keeping a list of things to do/gather in anticipation, and I'm slowly getting through it.

Recent days

Jan. 7th, 2009 10:30 pm
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I've been away for a little bit for a couple of reasons.
I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday. It was a very strange experience that I don't remember much of, and the pain during recovery has been extremely minimal. My jaw is sore but other than that I'm alright. I've been having trouble getting to sleep because I've been a little sick since last week, but it's getting better. I also think there's a problem with my hard drive, so I'm trying to get that fixed and find some solution within the next two weeks, before I leave.
Sorry that I haven't been around, but there's so much to get in order before the end of the month.
I hope that everyone is having a nice post-holiday time!
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Part two of our Friday events. Featured: Neil Gaiman (eeehheeehehehheee), cast of American Dad including Seth McFarlane, aaaand iunno who else.

Still sick. Can't really think right now. I got things.....cooool raaaawr.


Jul. 30th, 2007 02:49 pm
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I'm back!! Comic Con was excellent and exhausting, as always. I put together videos for each day, which I'll be posting at different times if anyone's interested. I also took pictures, and I may show a few of the more interesting ones.

I'll have limited internet service for the rest of the week, so I probably still won't be around as much, but I'll try to read everything I missed.

Here's the first video from Friday. I pretty much just spliced everything together cause we didn't have too much time, so it's nothing fancy, but that's awwwright by me. The video and audio quality is still that of an outdated digital camera too, so please excuse our amplified screaming at certain points.

Featured in this video: the cast of the new Get Smart movie (Steve Carell, The Rock, Ken Davitian & Masi Oka), Zack Snyder, Jhonen Vasquez and various big-name booths.


Jul. 27th, 2007 01:15 am
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I don't have much time, so here is video!!?? We were only in the main hall for 30 minutes cause we got here late in the day when it was closing, so this is mainly us trying to get back to the hotel. It's riveting. RIVETING, I TELL YOU! The real adventure starts tomorrow. I hope I'll be able to post Day 2 successfully.


Aug. 7th, 2006 01:35 am
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Gaaah, internet went away for a few days there. It may be going away for the next week too since I'm going to Lake Tahoe tomorrow.
Dani and my family and I are going to be in Tahoe for a week. I hear that it's been raining a lot there, so that'll be pretty awesome. We're staying in the cabin we always go to, but I haven't been to Tahoe in a few years.
I saw Talladega Nights today. My face exploded with laughter quite a few times. Good film, there.
My mom moved into a new place. A few weeks ago, when we had a heat wave, she lost power at her condo for DAYS. That's terrible. Her fish died. :( She moved last week, though, and this new apartment is really nice. It's smaller, but it's cuter and more cozy.
See all y'all later!
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Got back yesterday. Con was magical. It is vury, vury hot here at home. My legs are still quite sore from all the crazy antics in San Diego.
We missed a few of the people we'd wanted to see, but I saw more people than I thought I would.
There were so many folks there from all over the world. It was big the last time I went (4-5 years ago), but it's gotten even bigger. Someday the San Diego Convention Center will explode. Of this I am sure.
The hotel was really nice, but certain aspects of it were a little stressful since it was so crowded. The trip went very well overall, especially considering it was the first time Erin and I had gone on a big trip without parents around.
It's too hot and I'm too tired to write up a full report, so I'll post pictures instead.

Quite a few pictures from Comic-Con )
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Man, I just spent the last few hours checking my friends page for the last week. I only glanced at a lot of the posts, so tell me if anything really important or cool happened.

Hawaii was interesting. Lovely, but very sad.
I love Samoans.
I'll talk about it later.

Something's not right. I've been feeling really weird lately, and not in a good way. I hope it goes away.

This made me hard. I saw it last week and my chest hurt afterwards cause I was laughing so hard. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you must see.
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Okay, real post.
Orientation was...overwhelming. It was hot, we walked a lot, and the beds made my back hurt. It took me over an hour of waiting around before I could register for my classes, because of some computer problems they were having. And there were so many people. And and and scary stuff. Then again, I now go to a school that has a fuckin' bowling alley AND the first joint library in the nation! So there are scary and exciting elements and all that.

As of right now, I'm still going in Undeclared. I am really leaning towards getting a degree in Anthropology, however. The only things that really hold me back are that I don't know if I'm smart enough and I have no idea what kind of job I'd be able to get that way. I'll see how I feel after I take some classes. If I like it as much as I think I do, then I shall go into Anthropology. I already know that I like it enough to have signed up for two weekly three-hour-long courses. Not that that's strange, but most recommended first semester classes for first-year students are under two hours. Oh well! I'll survive.

And also: Hawaii in seven hours! I'll be gone until late on Saturday, and I've no idea how I'm going to catch up on LJ stuffs.
See all y'all on the flipside.


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