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I know what you're thinking. "What did Roxie drop on her foot this time?"

If you guessed "a jar", you're correct!

If you guessed "a jar of nails", you're correct-er.

Don't worry, I only got a tiny scratch on my toe. I don't recommend attempting it for yourself, though.
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When I was in one of the many trashy gift shops of Reno, I found what is quite possibly the most epic candle scent known to man:

Marvel at the fantastic camera phone quality

And if you're curious, Freedom apparently smells like the most stank-ass of men's body spray.
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If you stare at this long enough, it goes from being ridiculous to amazing, and then back to ridiculous.

I'm going back home in less than two weeks. I could say so much on that, but I'll refrain for now. There are definitely things I'll miss, and things I'm looking forward to.

Tomorrow we're going on a trip to Stratford for the Shakespeare festival. It promises to be an extremely nerdy and epic adventure. I get to be in the big parade on Saturday too! I'm pretty sure I never thought I would be in a parade any time soon.
:D x ∞
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A few things, because it's late and I'm up.

- Holy shit, I'm getting so pumped for Watchmen, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. The ONLY thing I'm really upset about regarding England is that I won't be with my friends for the midnight showing. We're having our first Bath meeting in a few weeks, so I've gotta try to scope out the nerds and convince them to go see Watchmen with me. *desperate*

- It started raining tonight!! First rain! THE NIGHT BEFORE NEIL!! Oh wow.
- I'm almost finished with the Graveyard Book. He's reading chapter 5 (Danse Macabre) for us tomorrow, and it's a really awesome chapter but also one of the shortest. I hope he remedies this by telling us countless anecdotes. The weird thing is that the last time I saw him in person, he said he was in the middle of writing that chapter.

- That politicians seem to have an incredibly hard time pronouncing "nuclear" correctly is...very disconcerting. Like, if a brain surgeon says "imma gunna break inta yur brain box" with a knife in their hand.

- I love glitter.

Click for a picture of the most ferocious creature in the land )
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So, a couple of times in the past few weekends I have found myself semi-DJing on a college radio station. And not on purpose.
Life is very strange sometimes.
My DJ name is FoxieRoxie.

Also, questionable marketing of the now:


May. 30th, 2008 02:52 am
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Today I pulled a shard of glass out of my foot. It had been there for almost three weeks. Hmm, I wonder what else is in there...

*~anyway~* , the birthday party went well. We had a picnic at Rancho San Antonio, met more people at home, went to buy boozes and lounged about until the party dissolved. I'm not sure if I'm going to have another party, since this one ended up being a lot bigger than I'd originally planned, and having another party might seem kinda pompous. Maybe I'll just organize another get-together.

Someday I will have a real camera again.

Apart from all that, I'm completely remodeling my bedroom for the first time in 10 years. It's going well, but I've got so much crap to sort through. If I'm an over-achiever in any category, it's consumption. D:


Nov. 8th, 2007 10:00 pm
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This is getting ridiculous.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,110 / 50,000

"Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??"

Erin birthday party tomorrow. Yum yum cake yum.
I am so tired. It has been one week of a week.
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Finally. Guh.
This morning I woke up a half hour late and remembered I had a math exam. Ooooops. I got to class 3 minutes late, which is actually pretty awesome.
My classes really aren't so bad. They're not really super-fun (except design) but they're easy, and although I enjoy challenges sometimes, I LIKE EASY.

Suddenly, political ad campaigns. Hundreds of them.
All over the TV. Just...going back and forth and back and forth, like children fighting. I enjoy this.

*throws back a handful of White Rabbits*

Ooh, and Jean's return is imminent! Much talk of buttsecks and bicycles shall be had this weekend.

Life is pretty shweet at the moment. It will probably change soon, but here's hoping the good times last for a few more minutes.
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YAY doctor tomorrow. Maybe he can figure out why my ear decided to stop working again. Perhaps we will even fix it!

Midterm time coming up! Daaamn it alll.
Also, pottery! I've become semi-obsessed with Wedgewood jasperware recently, and I bid on a bunch of items on eBay. Two of them came today. They're so lovely. Too bad I can't hear them! With one of my ears!
Wait, what?!
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Ebay, you vile temptress.


Jul. 14th, 2006 04:21 am
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Don't you hate it when you tell yourself over and over again NOT to do something, and then you go and do it anyways?

On an entirely unrelated note, I should not be allowed near electrical outlets.
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Okay. Whose idea was it to give me two midterms as soon as I got back from spring break?
Why does playing video games for 5 hours make me feel like my face is on fire?
Come on, everybody. Dance party at my house. Right now.
You're all invited.
Let's get down.

Oh my god, my mom is a freak. FREAK.


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