Jul. 26th, 2010 08:07 pm
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Tired and a bit 'bleh' cause I got sick last night, but we made it back. I'll try to do a little recap of Saturday and Sunday soon, but in the meantime, here are my two favorite pictures from two days of cosplaying:

Not sure which is more epic )


Jul. 24th, 2010 12:39 am
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Ahhhh, cosplaying was so much fun! I love when people get excited about seeing a splicer. Lots of random strangers wanted my picture, so I guess that means it was a success! I also stopped by the Hetalia cosplay gathering and stared excitedly cause I don't have the balls to approach strangers, but it was fun!

And then we got to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World omg omg

Me oh my )


Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:45 pm
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Postan another update!
Didn't have time to see much yet, but we did see the Scott Pilgrim panel.

Boy oh boy )
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AAAHH! Our room is lush, it's huge and has its own sofa-bed and we're on the main shuttle route for the first time in forever! This may be our last one for a while so I'm just happy it's off to a good start.

Gettin' ready for tomorrow )

no splice

Jul. 21st, 2010 08:45 pm
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What's that, Roxie? Comic-con's in a day? Oh, then this would probably be a good time to start working on your costume.
Why does this always happen?

It's actually going pretty good, but now I'm exhausted and I haven't even started packing. D:
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Had some fun adventures this week! For my friend's birthday we went to a local meadery and did a tasting. I discovered a type of mead that is so incredibly delicious it makes me weep. Unfortunately, the price also makes me weep. I got a big jug of hard lemonade that I can get refilled for $15, so that's pretty awesome. Their black cherry cider was also to die for.

We also watched a ton of movies. I brought Clue, which I hadn't seen in ages (flames...on the side of my face), and we saw this really cool movie that came out last year called Ink. Has anyone heard of it? It's an independent fantasy thriller about an event that takes place in a parallel dreamworld. The Storytellers come to us at night and give us good dreams, and the Incubi feed off our dreams and give us nightmares. A mysterious creature named Ink who isn't part of either category kidnaps the dream persona of a little girl, leaving her comatose in the real world. Her Storyteller sets off to rescue her, and the story slowly unfolds around her situation and the people who are trying to get her back. It's not a perfect movie by any means, but it's interesting and many of the elements are surprisingly well done for an independent fantasy movie. The special effects are minimal but extremely effective, and the music is pretty fantastic. The characters are also very intriguing, though it sort of leaves you wishing that there was more character development in general, as most of the characterization focuses on one person. Despite the flaws, there's a genuinely good story in it. You get the sense that if a few elements were tweaked, it could be really epic.

Here's the trailer, if anyone is interested:

I can't believe that Comic-con's in less than a week! I've gotta start planning everything soon and I'm starting to flip out just a little bit. :D
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Finally finished the chapter! It's like, twice as long as the first one howdidthathappen. I'm gonna try to get it ready to post by tomorrow, but there's a Community marathon tonight so I don't know how I'm going to handle this, but it'll happen. Yes, I can have it all.

I'm getting super excited for Comic-con this year. It might be my last time going for a little while, so I've got to make the best of it. I might even cosplay at some point aaaahhh.
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Got back from San Diego yesterday. It was quite a weekend.

I'll put together a compilation post like I usually do. I spent a lot less time on the main floor this year, and went to more panels than ever, which really helped save my feet from being rendered completely unusable.

Panels what I done sawed: Stargate Universe, Battlestar: The Plan/Caprica, Big Bang Theory, Stan Freberg, Mighty Boosh, True Blood, Watchmen Director's Cut screening with live commentary by Zack Synder, Doctor Who, Being Human, Torchwood and a gigantic audience participation screening of Once More With Feeling. That's not all we saw, but those were the most notable ones. Holy crap.

Even though the passes sold out last year as well as this year, it did seem bigger than ever before, like it's becoming increasingly unsustainable. I have a theory that, like a dying star, its mass will continue to get bigger and bigger until the process reverses and it collapses in on itself and becomes a black hole. If an event horizon starts to form in San Diego, don't say I didn't warn you.
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Sorry it took so long, but there were a lot of pictures to go through.
I'll just comment on the pictures that I have the energy to make comments about, so if you want to know about something in particular feel free to ask.

Sweet savory nuts, that's a lot of pictures )


Jul. 28th, 2008 07:37 pm
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Back from Comic-Con! It was awesome as always. Took a zillion pictures. Also, the ear infection is nearly gone.
I will have a full report (or at least half report) sometime in the near future.
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We're on our way to Comic-Con. Just a few more minutes!

Hopefully the horrendous ear infection that I acquired over the weekend will be defeated soon. Otherwise I'll have to trade in this body. D:



Aug. 8th, 2007 05:26 pm
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Finally, blargh.

Featured: Mike Nelson, Tim & Eric, and the cast and creators of Futurama.
Aaaahaaaaomg. I didn't know Mike was gonna be there until I randomly thought to check the autograph schedule that morning, and didn't think I'd get to see him even if we did get there in time, which is why my mind blanked so hard when I was actually in front of him. Daahh.

Okay, on to exciting things in the near future. Stardust. Any takers?
It comes out on Friday, so I'll probably be going in the afternoon or evening. If any of my peeps aren't busy and wanna go together, call/text me and we'll figure it out.
I finished the book last night and it's really a damn fine story. The illustrated version is beautiful too.
And Neil is proud and very excited about it and wants it to do well.
Um, also, Ricky Gervais plays a man with a funny hat and a long pipe. And it's narrated by Ian McKellen. And Robert De Niro is a sky pirate.

Did I convince anyone yet, goddamnit?


Jul. 30th, 2007 02:49 pm
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I'm back!! Comic Con was excellent and exhausting, as always. I put together videos for each day, which I'll be posting at different times if anyone's interested. I also took pictures, and I may show a few of the more interesting ones.

I'll have limited internet service for the rest of the week, so I probably still won't be around as much, but I'll try to read everything I missed.

Here's the first video from Friday. I pretty much just spliced everything together cause we didn't have too much time, so it's nothing fancy, but that's awwwright by me. The video and audio quality is still that of an outdated digital camera too, so please excuse our amplified screaming at certain points.

Featured in this video: the cast of the new Get Smart movie (Steve Carell, The Rock, Ken Davitian & Masi Oka), Zack Snyder, Jhonen Vasquez and various big-name booths.


Jul. 27th, 2007 01:15 am
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I don't have much time, so here is video!!?? We were only in the main hall for 30 minutes cause we got here late in the day when it was closing, so this is mainly us trying to get back to the hotel. It's riveting. RIVETING, I TELL YOU! The real adventure starts tomorrow. I hope I'll be able to post Day 2 successfully.

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I feel much better now. I don't really have much time to feel bad though, seeing as how COMIC-CON COMIC-CON COMIC-CON is tomorrow. And then maybe I'll stop yelling about it every entry...until next year.

Here's some stupid:
A few weeks ago, my friends Jean, Erin and I were bored.
Jean suggested that the role of Kingsley Shacklebolt would have been better interpreted by Samuel Jackson in the latest HP movie, and eventually we started to come up with a long list of who we would cast if we made a different version of Harry Potter, with a few contributions from The Dani.

Don't bother asking what the really weird ones are, because they're probably just meant to be that retarded.
A lot of them are probably misspelled too. I don't have time to fix these things!

We spent way too much time thinking about this )


Feb. 6th, 2007 05:55 pm
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Wow, hotel frenzy this morning. I'm surprised I managed to get ANYTHING, and sad that we couldn't get one on the shuttle route, but I guess the important thing is that we have hotel reservations. WE'RE GOIN' TA COMIC-CON!! YAYAYAYAAY!!!
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Got back yesterday. Con was magical. It is vury, vury hot here at home. My legs are still quite sore from all the crazy antics in San Diego.
We missed a few of the people we'd wanted to see, but I saw more people than I thought I would.
There were so many folks there from all over the world. It was big the last time I went (4-5 years ago), but it's gotten even bigger. Someday the San Diego Convention Center will explode. Of this I am sure.
The hotel was really nice, but certain aspects of it were a little stressful since it was so crowded. The trip went very well overall, especially considering it was the first time Erin and I had gone on a big trip without parents around.
It's too hot and I'm too tired to write up a full report, so I'll post pictures instead.

Quite a few pictures from Comic-Con )

Ha cha

Jul. 18th, 2006 04:57 am
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Wow. Only two days until Comic-con!!!
It's been five years since the last time I attended. I am soo excited.
People I HAVE to see:
Ray Bradbury
Edgar Wright and Nick Frost
Stan Lee
Tim & Eric
Brendon Small
Seth Green & Robot Chicken team
Rikki Simons
Shannon Wheeler
Jhonen, if he does indeed show up
And many others...

*does a jig or two*


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