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I liked the movie a lot. I'm definitely going to see it again this week, and I'll probably like it more and more each time.
I even cried more than I thought I would. I cry at movies all the time, and I was completely expecting it because of the nature of the story, but....this time it started in the opening credits with Silhouette's murder, and kept going sporadically until the end.
The group being named "Watchmen" still annoyed me, but at least they didn't play it up.
Also, the actors were pretty much incredible. I can't think of a better group of people for it. Especially Jackie Earl Haley. Goddamn, son. His facial expressions alone made me bawl during his emotional moments. I swear, if they'd left in the scene where he goes back to his room to get his costume and looks at the little boy, I would have imploded. And yet, I still didn't think there was enough Rorschach. There wasn't enough of any of the characters, but I guess that's the nature of a story so complex being translated into a medium like cinema.

One thing I request of anyone who plans to see the movie and has not read the graphic novel: please don't judge the quality of the original story by the quality of the movie until you've read it. Even if you liked the movie. I've seen people doing this, and it's really unfortunate. In my opinion, one of the biggest differences between these two versions is that the movie doesn't quite live up to the hype, while the book does completely.
Not that everyone who reads the book loves it, but an overwhelming number of people do. Certainly more than most stories.
I dunno. It's kinda like judging a play by watching a single performance of it. I think Hamlet is one of the most incredible stories in western literature, but if I'd judged it by the first performance I ever saw without reading it, I wouldn't have been impressed at all because it wasn't a very good production. Wow, that thought was barely coherent.

Despite the problems, I think they did well considering the magnitude of the story/following and the constraints they were under. If I met Snyder now, I'd probably shake his hand and say "nice job".
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Finally, dialogue.
There's some really sexy stuff in here. Manhattan yelling makes me happy in my pants.
Also, Philip Glass and Muse should totally team up for a megasoundtrack.
I really hate the way they keep saying "Watchmen". Hopefully it's just for the trailer. Oh god I hope so.
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Hurrrr. Pardon my drool.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 06:59 pm
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And the new footage. Lordy.

When I got home today, Watching the Watchmen was waiting for me. I spent an hour or so looking through it - it's soo pretty.
I particularly enjoyed Neil Gaiman's sketch of his idea for Watchdogs: "Dead human in the gutter. The city is afraid of me. I have smelt its lamposts..."; also, the preliminary sketches of Dr. Manhattan's penis. what.

Oh god, NaNo looms.
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OMG! The end of the new video journal!
And Manhattan's eyes!

You guys. Omg.

Also, much respect to Billy Crudup. What an ordeal.
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A few things, because it's late and I'm up.

- Holy shit, I'm getting so pumped for Watchmen, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. The ONLY thing I'm really upset about regarding England is that I won't be with my friends for the midnight showing. We're having our first Bath meeting in a few weeks, so I've gotta try to scope out the nerds and convince them to go see Watchmen with me. *desperate*

- It started raining tonight!! First rain! THE NIGHT BEFORE NEIL!! Oh wow.
- I'm almost finished with the Graveyard Book. He's reading chapter 5 (Danse Macabre) for us tomorrow, and it's a really awesome chapter but also one of the shortest. I hope he remedies this by telling us countless anecdotes. The weird thing is that the last time I saw him in person, he said he was in the middle of writing that chapter.

- That politicians seem to have an incredibly hard time pronouncing "nuclear" correctly is...very disconcerting. Like, if a brain surgeon says "imma gunna break inta yur brain box" with a knife in their hand.

- I love glitter.

Click for a picture of the most ferocious creature in the land )
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Sorry it took so long, but there were a lot of pictures to go through.
I'll just comment on the pictures that I have the energy to make comments about, so if you want to know about something in particular feel free to ask.

Sweet savory nuts, that's a lot of pictures )


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